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J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI) - New York J’Ouvert 2018 Results


Board of Directors: Yvette Rennie - President, Victor Mongo - Vice-President, Susan Leung-Yuen - Secretary, Lynette Pascall - Treasurer, Philip Pegus - PRO -- Committee members: Nigel Hunte, St. Clair Simeon, Kwame Rennie, Joel Hunte


J’Ouvert City International kicked off its 2018 celebration by honoring 25 individuals from our community who have worked hard behind the scenes to ensure that our culture is maintained in Central Brooklyn. They were known as “J’Ouvert Cultural Ambassadors”.

J’Ouvert 2018 will go down in history as a splendid demonstration of heritage, national pride and community cooperation. The pre-dawn celebration which takes place in the heart of Central Brooklyn was incident-free. The participating bands of which there were more than 25 displayed exotic themes such as: Carenage Meets Wakanda, A Sailor’s Journey, All Hands on Deck, Colon Panama 507 and The Spirit Warriors. Included were several Steelband orchestras and Rhythm groups that filled the air with sweet musical sounds. It was a spectacular event to witness. However, the only thing marring this year’s celebration was the post-media reports maligning the festival with a barrage of negative publicity attempting to link us to violent crimes which took place far removed from the parade route.

At a pre-J’Ouvert press conference along with Mayor Bill de Blasio, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Police Commissioner James P. O’Neill and several other local elected officials, I, in my capacity of President of J’Ouvert City International, made a heartfelt appeal to the news media beckoning them to discontinue this practice of burying us under negativity by “blaming” us for violent incidents that did not take place on the parade route. The appeal was met with widespread support from those on whose ears it fell. Unfortunately, not so with our media outlets who on the morning after the parade reported that an incident which took place on Nostrand Avenue and St. Marks Place -- more than 10 blocks away from the parade route --was part of the J’Ouvert celebration. It is only after outcry from the community that two media outlets rescinded the news report making it clear that the incident was not associated with J’Ouvert.

So once again I am appealing to our news media – the producers, news directors, and reporters -- to give J’Ouvert and by extension the Eastern Parkway parade its just due. As a collective celebration the both parades attract more than three million people and is the largest outdoor event in the country. It is a testament to the peace-loving nature of Caribbean people that we are able to pull off two enormous festivals in one day without violent incident. It is a testament to the organizers working in cooperation with elected officials and law enforcement to ensure the safety of all those in attendance.

The time is rife for the news media to give the respect and courtesy to our Caribbean community with accurate reporting. But more so, give us the credit for working together with law enforcement to find solutions that would lend to us having incident free parades. So I implore the media to go below the surface of reporting about feathers, plumes and revelry. Our parades are so much more. So write the stories of our resilience, of individuals and bands of people staying up all night for months to create costumes and learn the music. Write the stories of people who despite having physical disabilities will make it to the parade just so they can wave their national flag showing that they are proud of their Caribbean heritage. Write the story that even in the absence of massive funding and attracting big sponsors, we put on a parade, in which not only us, but the entire city can be proud.

Moreover, write the story that J’Ouvert and Eastern Parkway parades fuel the City’s economy by collectively bringing in millions of dollars over a five-day period. I am happy that the parade was incident-free. And despite the negative reports of last year and the outcry about the then-newly-instituted security measures, the crowds returned to J’Ouvert. There was cooperation between police and civilians making this one of the best J’Ouvert ever.

So, here’s the headline of the story of J’Ouvert 2018: Triumph not tragedy!

Carenage Meets Wakanda
Winning Traditional Mas - Carenage United - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn


  Video Performances - J’Ouvert 2018



D’Radoes, Hearts of Steel, Despers USA, Legend Stars, Port Of Spain Pan Groove,
The Next Generation In Steel, Philadelphia Pan Stars and Pan Liberty

All Data provided by J’Ouvert City International, Inc. (JCI)

STEELBAND ‘BOMB’ Competition

Pan Liberty Steel Orchestra
Winning Steelband Bomb Competition - Pan Liberty - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Steelbands Tune Played/Arranger Points
1st Pan Liberty Caribbean Queen - Reynold “Pro” Huggins 269
2nd The Next Generation In Steel A Wonderful World - Jelani Fernando 203
3rd Legend Stars Mora - Jeffery Pierre   190
4th Hearts of Steel I Write This Letter – Tony Trebuse 152
5th Philadelphia Pan Stars Sound Check - Yohan Popwell 146
6th Port of Spain Pan Groove Beyond the Stars - Oscar Williams 132
  Despers USA Did not play a Bomb Tune   n/a
  D’Radoes Did not play a Bomb Tune  n/a


Despers USA 2018
Winning Steelband Calypso Competition - Despers USA - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Steelbands Tune Played/Arranger Points
1st Despers USA Year for Love - Odie Franklin 356
2nd Pan Liberty Hello - Reynold “Pro” Huggins 348
3rd D’Radoes Year for Love - B.J. Marcelle 342
4th The Next Generation In Steel Hello - Iman Pascall 333
5th Hearts of Steel Hello - Ryan Williams 321
6th Philadelphia Pan Stars Year for Love - Yohan Popwell 318
7th Port of Spain Pan Groove Madness - Oscar Williams 307
8th Legend Stars Hello - Jefffery Pierre 306


New York Jab Jab, Kutters Rhythm, Paint Army,
Spice Isle Rhythm, Steve Massive Rhythm, Sumkinabakanaal, Real Jab Jab

Jab Jab
Jab Jab - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Rhythm Bands Points
1st Paint Army 264
2nd Sumkinabakanaal 251
3rd Spice Isle Rhythm 249
4th Steve Massive Rhythm 234
5th Kutters Rhythm 229
6th New York Jab Jab 198
7th Real Jab Jab 180


Wendell & Associates, Pagwah, 2J & Friends, Roy Pierre & Associates, Legend Stars, Green House Jab Jab, Oildowners, No Sleeping, New York Jab Jab, Barbara & Associates, Kutters Mas, Carenage United, The Real Jab Jab


Roy Pierre and Associates
Winning Fancy Old Mas Competition - Roy Pierre & Associates - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Mas bands Portrayals Points
1st Roy Pierre & Associates All Hands On Deck 385
2nd Pagwah The Spirits Warriors 380
3rd 2 J & Friends Colon Panama 507 340
4th Legend Stars Tout Baggi    245
5th Barbara & Associates  Life’s Ah Jungle 240
6th Kutters The Sprits That Live In The Mangrove 215


Carenage Meets Wakanda
Winning traditional Old Mas Competition - Carenage United - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Mas bands Portrayal Points
1st Carenage United Carenage Meets Wakanda  345
2nd No Sleeping & Wendell & Associates A Sailor’s Journey to Egypt 340
3rd Oildowners Who Is Mad 335
4th Greenhouse Jab Jab The Agony Of The Heat 330
5th The Real Jab Jab   260
6th New York Jab Jab   220


Results Bands Individuals Portrayals Points
1st 2 J & Friends Kendell Julien El Man Manuel Noriega 335
2nd Roy Pierre & Associates-John Anderson Eric the Viking John Anderson       325
2nd Pagwah        Tribute to African Tribal Warriors Curtis Noel 325
3rd Carenage United Black Panther of Wakanda Herman Gillman 305


Tribute to Nzhinga
Winning Individual Female - Sandra Bell - Pagwah - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Bands Individuals Portrayals Points
1st Pagwah  Sandra Bell The Spirits Warriors 350
2nd 2 J & Friends Janet Lewis – 1st Lady  Lorena Castillo de Valera 345
2nd Carenage United Magajiya from the Kingdom of Carenage Debbie Lawrence  345
3rd Roy Pierre & Associates-John Anderson Lasertha Viking Warrior Woman              Carol Corridon 340
4th Kutters     160

Flag Waver

Flag Waver
Winning Flag Waver - Elizabeth Taylor - Carenage United - J’Ouvert 2018 - Brooklyn
Results Bands Individuals Points
1st Carenage United Elizabeth Taylor 180
2nd Pagwah June Bristone 140
3rd Despers USA Najami Lazama 110
3rd Hearts of Steel Jennie             110

From the News Desk of J’Ouvert City International

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