Something for Dougie... Concert Honesty:  Martin Douglas (aka Dougie) - by Josh Quillen

Josh Quillen and Martin Douglas
Josh Quillen, director of NYU Steel and the late Martin “Dougie” Douglas - president of CrossFire Steel Orchestra and chairman of the United States Steelband Association

New York, USA - Dougie was the first owner of a Panorama steel orchestra [CrossFire]  in NYC to let me come in and drill the music of Kendall K. Williams.  Dougie swung his doors wide open, and continued to do so for me and my NYU students.  The education he gave them by just opening the door is all any human can ask for.

He never GAVE me anything.  He just opened the door.  It was on me to make of it what I wanted.

Every good teacher I’ve had in life did just that.  Opened a door.

This is for Dougie. I wish I would have called you more. I wish I would have joked with you more about how you needed to lay off your wife’s bake n shark. (It is still one of my faves to date).  I wish a lot of things these days.

Rest in peace, and thanks.

Sincerely, Josh

   ‘Something for Martin Douglas (aka Dougie)’ -  by Josh Quillen

Editor’s note:
Martin Douglas died as a result of COVID-19

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