Tiffany Haddish Gets The ‘Panman Treatment’

Actress-comedian asked to host Grammys pre-show with no pay

Tiffany Haddish
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USA - There are thousands of pan people, musicians, who can attest to the multiple times when they have been asked to perform for “free.”  Either as a solo performer, or even more astounding, an entire band.  When Steel Talks has received requests over the years which ask for bands to ‘contribute’ their skill set, musical services, especially when claimed for charitable purposes. 

Pan musicians have countless tales of this type of request for their “services” over the years, and through to present day.  And the specific formats these requests take, do not offer any ‘assistance’ to deal with incurred costs on the part of the musicians.  Especially when a band is involved, some people believe that the ‘opportunity to be seen’ aka ‘publicity’ is ‘payment enough.’

Never mind transport expenses either as a soloist, combo, or steelband of any size, especially if background pans like basses, mids like guitars, along with the other standard steelpan voices of the band - are involved.  Insurance for the van to transport said instruments, and the musicians themselves to arrive at the venue. Let’s not even mention reimbursement for their skill set.  No respect - whatsoever. 

Ah well, renowned actress and comedian Tiffany Haddish also got a similar type ‘request’ for her services. And she called it out exactly for what it is.

“Disrespectful,” Haddish has declared, in response to the request from the ‘prestigous’ Grammys organization. “Tiffany Haddish turned down an approach to host the 2021 Grammys Premiere Ceremony because she wouldn’t be paid,” per   The article goes on to state that “She was asked to present the three-hour event – which is where the bulk of the Recording Academy’s 83 trophies are handed out before the televised main show.”  Haddish herself says “This is something that needs to be addressed.”  “How many other people have they done that to?....”

Pan people, take note...

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