David Stern, the National Basketball Association and the Potential for a SteelPan Music Industry

NBA enters eSports arena to grow its audience
The NBA is growing its audience through eSports - Can similar technologies be used for the growth of the Pan industry?

The former commissioner of the NBA of passed away on New Year’s Day.   And regardless of what you thought of him one has to acknowledge and respect his success as commissioner  of the NBA.

A comparison of the growth of the NBA under David Stern with that of the potential for Pan - the Steelpan Music Industry and Culture.

We are by no stretch of the imagination fans of the late commissioner of NBA David Stern, however there are some very crucial things that he embraced during his tenure to increase the value of the NBA. His moves are worth studying.  He was lucky and made some very good decisions.

David Stern
David Stern

“Stern, a lawyer by training, took the NBA from tape-delay broadcasts to must-see prime-time programs. He boosted NBA revenue from $118 million in the season before he took over to $5.5 billion in 2014, the year he retired after 30 years at the helm.”  Fortune Magazine

Stern’s job called for him to represent the interest of the owners, but he understood that marketing the greatness of the players was the key to unmatched success. It was a players’ league. He clearly understood the importance of embracing technology and always pushed for the best for his product to look awesome. The NBA’s website and other technology uses were always ahead of the curve. And his strategic alliances almost never failed.

Hopefully, some enterprising young business person with a global vision will take the helm on behalf of the Pan players. 

Imagine if the leadership of Pan Trinbago were gamers, and had Twitch accounts... watch video below on NBA 2K League.

With the NBA 2K League, the NBA is entering a rapidly growing sports market that will take the sports league internationally

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