BBC allegedly throws serious “white-out” on one of UK steelbands’ finest moments - No Live Broadcast of Pan performance at Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

London, United Kingdom - What should have been one of the greatest moments in the history of the steelpan instrument in the United Kingdom, is now turning into a less than stellar occurrence - as BBC allegedly pulled the plug on the ‘live’ broadcast / live streaming of the event with the world watching.

A deeply disappointed and irate viewer posted his feeling on this behavior in the When Steel Talks forum.

Reply by Paul Francis 3 hours ago:
My family and I sat patiently watching the pageant coverage on Sunday, so as not to miss this momentous occurrence. For the first time in the history of it's existence, Pan, the instrument, was being officially included in a major national celebration in Britain. 100 players from 4 bands contributed their time, enthusiasm and energy to make this happen. The contribution was filmed by the BBC because the footage is available  on social media. However, someone in the BBC production team chose to show us interviews with Lulu and others and chose to deny us our 5 minutes of national air time. We can speculate endlessly as to why the decision was made and I hope the culprits identity remains unknown for his or her sake. What is needed now is an official apology from the BBC for this grossly offensive omission and a broadcast of the full 5 minutes on one of their daily national broadcasts, such as Breakfast. My son spoke to one of his fellow players from Mangrove about the omission and his simple response was "that's white people". Something needs to be done about this urgently. He's right!

UKASPO - UK All Steel Percussion Orchestra
UKASPO - UK All Steel Percussion Orchestra

Comment from When Steel Talks forum by Paul Francis
Original post from Paul Francis in the When Steel Talks forum

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