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MY Space - Dalton Narine
Dalton Narine

Dalton Narine


by Dalton Narine

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Disturbance, disordering, disarrangement, interference, upset, upsetting, unsettling, confusion confusing.

 What says I love you like innovation?

PAN, sister. Why not?

Can it be that words we latch on to our experience become our experience?

How about consequence, result, aftermath, outcome, effect, upshot, issue?

Can disturbance or problems interrupt our fave event or activity?

What could interrupt the 2019 Panorama results?

Is it true that disruptors often need lots of time to make real impact?

Should PTbago consider ramifications that could send chills up the spine and upset the coconut cart?

Upset PANISTS, arrangers and Lords of the Bands?

And the outcome: How to dispel oneís feeling of dejection?

How to ensure disruptions donít deflect planning involved in the run-up to the festival results?

Could it happen, Consequence? To overthrow and to cut off a reasonable predictable conclusion?

Considering the annual drawn-out tantana that is akin to a love scene on the Big screen, tell us why it doesnít deserve a kiss on the cheek, but moreso a slap in the face?

What, a Hollywood-style Drama in the Rama?

The potential torture of a Panorama band?

Must we investigate Jack and Jill behind the Hill?

Cíomon, man, why is it necessary to hollow out the results, well into the Jouvert dew?

Letís get it on. Weíre adults already.

And, boy do we know the drill.


Dalton Narine


This is the seventh in a series by Dalton Narine, leading up to the Panorama Finals


Dalton Narine
About the author, Dalton Narine

Dalton Narine is a Belmont-born Trinidadian who dabbled in the arts and wrote about Trinidad & Tobago culture. He spent the other half of his career as a filmmaker and TV broadcaster during T&Tís annual Carnival. Narine is an avid collector of calypsos by The Mighty Shadow, a singer, he says, who had a knack for telling stories on himself and his own country that, at last, has embraced him.

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