Trinidad All Stars JíOuvert Medley

Make your Holidays sassy & merry with Neville Julesí classic Medley that moved Trinidad All Stars to celebrate year of love for millennials in 2000

by Dalton Narine

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Dalton Narine

Dalton Narine

Bigging up Jules, one of the best-ever founders of Pan, Bomb songs and romantic of the Steel Band arts.

Wishing the Master humongous thanks for saving my life.

Cap, you remain the real deal of an instrument that has gone viral around the Globe so early in its young life -- younger than you could ever have predicted and badder than the world had expected.

Best and honors to you and your legendary brothers and sisters in Pan.


   Listen to Trinidad All Stars performing a Neville Jules-arrangement for JíOuvert 2000

Neville Jules

The Legendary Neville Jules


Dalton Narine
About the author, Dalton Narine

Dalton Narine is a Belmont-born Trinidadian who dabbled in the arts and wrote about Trinidad & Tobago culture. He spent the other half of his career as a filmmaker and TV broadcaster during T&Tís annual Carnival. Narine is an avid collector of calypsos by The Mighty Shadow, a singer, he says, who had a knack for telling stories on himself and his own country that, at last, has embraced him.

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