Streaming Services and the Artist

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by Leon Foster Thomas

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Recently educator, recording and performing artist Leon Foster Thomas posted a sobering examination with advice, about the financial realities of the streaming services. Take a read below. And remember - one pays dearly for not knowing.


Global Streaming Services and the Artist

Leon Foster Thomas
Leon Foster Thomas

These streaming services are not really pushing for folks to buy an artist's music. Instead, their main push is for you to purchase a subscription to THEIR (spotify, apple etc...) streaming service. Per stream, an artist recoups $0.00676 (google) which really equals to nothing really. So artists, there's a new pimp (as if we didn't know). .... duh!

At one point, it seemed as if artists were getting the upper hand, producing and marketing our own projects...Pretty much being IN CONTROL of the life of our works, including streaming (Remember those digital download cards from CD Baby?) It was a lot of hard work but, it paid off. Then Napster happened.

I, who, like many, had the thought, "The more avenues for my music to be played the better, be it paid or not." This thinking was in hopes of increasing my visibility towards touring and performing more, which works/worked, but at a cost (for a next post maybe).

In this COVID period, the entertainment industry is seeing how bad we've overlooked the side effects of the streaming services, or better yet, having someone else stream for you. It's literally the fact of who's providing the streaming services and how much, you, the artist, are giving up? Everyone gets f**cked, it's just how bad..... (I don't really use obscenity in my posts, but I felt compelled to do so at this point).

It's a lot of hard work, but we still have the opportunity to be in control of our work. Set up your sites and pages and use the web, friends, etc. to direct folks to them.

Folks, if you like an artist's work, I urge you to seek platforms that encourage you to buy the artist's album rather than paying for a subscription of these streaming services where the artist receives next to nothing. With your support artists can receive up to 100% in return for our hard work and investment. Yes, with spotify, apple etc.. you're paying for a service that brings a wealth of music to you easily, but artists are not benefiting from these PIMPS.

Spotify is a billion-dollar company while musicians earn $0.007 (rounded).

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