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2018 New York Panorama - CASYM Steel Orchestra - “Year For Love” - video

Cool Down version

CASYM 2018 Panyard Recording

In spite of a very trying year for CASYM Steel Orchestra, the band rallied its “troops” and put on an impressive performance for the 2018 New York Panorama - one that apparently almost got them the championship (they went on to place second in the competition).  CASYM ‘brought the ‘Fire’’ - and ‘Love’ to Kendall Williams’ arrangement of “Year For Love.” This is the ‘Cool Down’ version as captured by Basement Recordings just days before the Panorama.

The Players (2018)
Panorama Players List

Travis Roberts
Darrel Spence
Mel Xu
Ricardo Greenaway
Russell Fisher
Jelani Noel
Jordon Cato
Nyesha Hernandez
Abiola Fraser
Jonathan Cabera
Jaleel Thomas
Laeticia Walker
Greg Auffredou
Chaelon Notice
Shelby Blezinger-McCay
Nicole Shirley
Brian Dyer
Zeandré Douglas
Averey DeBriz
Ameya Jones
Jamari Morelus

Double Tenor

Trevon Blair
Khyah Judah
Andrea Wang
Daneisha Frederick
Everard Primus

Double Second

Marvin George
Siboney Hector
Amaya Rodgers
Noah Sanderson
Isaiah Adams
Chenise Jemmott
Shaday Williams
Orrin Andrews
Jamal Blair
Sophronia Williams
Kylah Morgan
Kyle Frederic
Shacqeem Robinson


Tyler Cohen
Jordan Ratley
Ciara Adams
Tishana Chapman
Francis Da Silva
Norzika Lewis
Sakinah Porter
Tamika Small
Isis Danglade
Kalyn Williams
Nicole Simmons
Michelle Williams
Soulei Thomas
Tinneel Best
Jendayi Toussaint


Anthony Phillip
Andrea Wilson
Orisha John
Jahlani Roberts
Matthew Best


Lakeisha Danglade
Jason williams
Joalene Griffith
Kenneth Dudley
Keifer Dover

Six Bass

Malcolm Rice
Jalissa Alexander
Stephaney Peters
Luz Carime Santa-Coloma
Alexis Schloss
Kernel Simon
Kassie Pierre
Warren Webster
Curtis Lynch

Tenor Bass

Nadia Joseph

Rhythm Section

Gerion Williams
Janelle Foster
Herns Pierre-louis
Stephen Hraham
Kasey Blezinger
Jamilah Jones
Michael William

Driller Master

Jerry Guy
Josh Quillen