Happy Birthday to Anne Fridal

November 20

United Kingdom - When Steel Talks (WST) extends Happy Birthday greetings to Anne Fridal.

Anne holds the distinction of being the first woman to have sung with almost every major steel orchestra coming out of Trinidad and Tobago. These steel orchestras include Phase II Pan Groove, Renegades, Desperadoes, Trinidad All Stars and Exodus. She also performed with New York's CASYM Steel Orchestra.

Fridal is pictured here with the late Clive Bradley while in New York.

Clive Bradley was my friend, yes. He saved a show of mine when a performer did not turn up, and accompanied me on the piano with Kitchener’s “Symphony in G.” Then he went on to the bass, percussion and every instrument that was in the house that night. He was the ultimate musician and I loved his magic. He was a genius and God knows how much I miss him. I hope that young people have learnt something from his talent and technique.”

Fridal is the first known opera singer to perform operatic versions of calypsoes, and her interpretation of Lord Kitchener's calypsoes “Symphony in G” and “The Carnival Is Over” has thrilled audiences around the world.


Opera singer Anne Fridal with the late Clive Bradley
Opera singer Anne Fridal with the late Clive Bradley