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Panorama 2006
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Panorama 2006 Finals Stories and Articles


Panorama 2006 Steelband Arrangers In Pictures


A Peculiar Relationship!
SteelPan and The North Stands, NY - Mar 05, 2006

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago - Ask any steelband-related person in Trinidad about the North Stand, especially for the semi-finals in 2006, and you will get anything from a rolling of  the eyes to outright profanity.  'Dem doh like pan!" or "dem doh know nuttin about pan!" are guaranteed phrases you will hear in between profanity-laced blood pressure-raising tirades from the passionate pan players and managers as they address the presence of the over- capacity crowd, seated, standing and rolling in aisles of the North Stands of the Queen's Park Savannah during the semi finals panorama music competitions.


Boogsie Honors the Master Big Time with Win!, NY - Feb 27, 2006

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago - Noted arranger, steelpan artist extraordinaire and composer,  Len "Boogsie" Sharpe honored Mr. Bradley in a very deeply personal and special manner.  He and his steel orchestra won the 2006 panorama with his arrangement and their performance of "This One's For U, Bradley", a song he wrote as a tribute to the master.  Mr. Sharpe's band Phase II Pan Groove took to the stage last night as the defending champions of the National Panorama.


Ray Holman And Starlift Make Music and
 Social Statement, NY - Feb 28, 2006

Trinidad - In what has to be one of the truly bright and memorable moments of the 2006 panorama season, Ray Holman, the consummate musician and respected panorama winning music arranger, led an undermanned but rejuvenated and revamped Starlift into the 2006 competition. The orchestra surprisingly took the third spot behind the heavily favored Phase II Pan Groove and Trinidad All Stars.


Who Dropped The Ball?
TnT Panorama 2006 Dedicated To Clive Bradley?, NY - Feb 28, 2006

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago - Let's just say someone dropped the ball on this one.  It would all too easy to point fingers at Pan Trinbago, the events organizers, on this one. They indeed would be a natural choice for the whipping boy.  Let's face it - the honoring of Clive Bradley at this year's event was poor.  Okay- they failed miserably.  Trinidad failed on this one.  Obviously an opportunity to show the world how it honors its own - was missed.  And indeed a society is judged on how it honors and remembers it heroes. But let's give Pan Trinbago credit for successfully putting on this mammoth event every year.  This is no small feat.


Tunapuna Panorama Soars High, NY - Feb 28, 2006

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago - A little more than a week before the National Panorama finals in Port-of-Spain, there was tempo and excitement aplenty.  It was centered a few miles east of 'the Big Yard' (aka the stage at the Queen's Park Savannah.)

The inaugural Panorama competition in Tunapuna was the focus for steel orchestras based in the East.  And though two of the bands competing in the first annual Tunapuna panorama also made it to the February 25th finals at the savannah, on this particular night, the bands present were eyeing the top prize up for grabs - TT $30,000.00. 



The Younger Steelpan Stars Take Command
at the Queen's Park Savannah
Junior National Panorama 2006, NY - Feb 24, 2006

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago - The National Junior Panorama got off to a bright and sunny start on Sunday morning.  Around 10:32, the event was opened with welcome remarks and the playing of the national anthem by two young pannists.  When Steel Talks was there to cover the event in pictures.

This year marks the first time that the Junior panorama was been broken into three categories, and the youngest set - Under 13: Primary Orchestras, with participants aged thirteen and under, were first up in the day's competition.  They were allowed a minimum of twenty-five and a maximum of forty-five musicians.



Small Steel Orchestras Big
on Performance and Heart, NY - Feb 24, 2006

San Fernando, Trinidad & Tobago -  The night for National Panorama Finals for the Small Conventional steel orchestras in Trinidad and Tobago was an exhibition of excellence in pan. The competition was held just after the finals for the single pan bands on the stage at Skinner Park in south Trinidad on the Thursday evening preceding the Saturday 25th February finals for the medium and large conventional steel orchestras to be held at the Queen's Park Savannah in Port-of-Spain.

The small steelbands put no less effort into their presentation and arrangements to produce a solid show which got underway sometime after 11:00 PM after a rain shower delayed proceedings by a few minutes.


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