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A Pan Story

Paintings on the development of the steelpan



 Joseph Aldwin Charles

Joseph Aldwin Charles (pictured left) was born  January 1948 in Penal, San Francique, Trinidad.  When his family moved to Toco, he completed his primary education at Cumana Toco Seven-Day Adventist Primary School.  It was here that he gained an appreciation of what would become his passion - art.  Because of his talent shown, this very young budding artist was selected by the school's principal to do a special workshop designed for the art teachers of all the schools in that region.
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The  Development of Steelpan
Artwork Available


Catalog.jpgThe demand for authentic artwork that accurately portrays the historical significance and struggle of the steelband movement continues to rise, as the global  popularity of the steelpan instrument and its music increases.

Joseph Charles has created a body of original artistic work that visually captures the spirit, times and conditions of the birth place and the people who created this art form.





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