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“Time to Breakaway”

Music by Mark Loquan & Ken “Professor” Philmore

Lyrics by Mark Loquan

Arranged by Junior “Ibo” Joseph/Ken “Professor” Philmore


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Song writer Mark Loquan celebrates ten years of writing music compositions for the steelband music panorama composition.  Check out one of his latest releases for the 2008 season titled "Time to Breakaway".

Theme: “This is a song that gives this “feel good,” breakaway attitude, which is reflective of how much our music could make us feel alive, through our pan and people lighting up the stage and streets at Carnival.  At a deeper level our music should also breakaway on the world stage, where it truly belongs”






(Everybody moving on), everybody jumping up in a band

(Everybody grooving on), everybody getting on in a band

Hear de music revving up, like de party never stop

Feel de rhythm pumping up, and dem panmen jumping up

With a fire burning up, inside ah we

So leh we wake up, shake up, for de world to see  

Freedom…..(How we full of energy)

Freedom…..(Blessed with rich diversity)

Freedom…..(Proud to be from T&T)




Time to breakaway, time to jump and play

Is another day, yes ah have to say

Reaching for de sky, on a natural high

Moving with the flow, here in Trinbago

Time to breakaway, time to dance and sway

Is another day, everybody say

All de youths should see, love and harmony

And de world could see, freedom not easy





(Tell me how ya making out), everybody luving up in de band

(Well ah feel like breaking out), all de woman hugging up with dey man

With rhythm to energize, and we feeling so alive

Can we fully realize, dat de spirit never dies

Yes de fire heating up, in all ah we

So leh we wine up, free up, for de world to see

Freedom….. (Panmen lighting up de stage)

Freedom….. (No more fighting in de place)

Freedom….. (We igniting de big stage)






(Look at how ya showing off), everybody gearing up in de place

(And ya feel like blowing off), all de lines could disappear from ya face

With a beer that beastly cold, and when music touch ya soul

Trying not to lose control, with such music for de world

Well like something touch a nerve, inside ah we

So leh we pump up, jump up, for de world to see

Freedom….. (What we have in T&T)

Freedom….. (Bursting with vitality)

Freedom….. (Feeling good to be so free)





“Time to Break Away”  - (Mark Loquan & Ken Philmore) - Kerwyn Trotman

Provided with the express permission of the composer

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