Steelpan Arranger
The late steelpan innovator and pioneer Bertie Marshall

Bertie Marshall


The late, legendary Bertie Marshall of Highlanders Steel Orchestra

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Bertie Marshall - (February 6, 1936 - October 17, 2012) (born as Bertram Lloyd Marshall in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad)

Here’s the message Marshall has left us:

  • Harmonic tuning (“All tuners became my friend.”).

  • Soprano pan or high tenor.

  • Double Tenor.

  • The Quadrophonic (co-invented with the late Desperadoes leader/tuner Rudolph Charles).

  • Electronically amplified pans. * The Bertfone, which sustained notes like an organ, complete with damper pedal.

  • Pan accompanying the choir in the Cathedral; operating independently as an orchestra, too.

  • Stylish jazz phrasing employed in calypso as well as classical renditions for the road.

  • Originated the use of canopies for pan racks, realizing before anyone else the damaging effect of heat on the instruments.

  • One of the premier party steel bands of its era.

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