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Darryl Reid - Steelpan Arranger

Darryl Reid

Darryl Reid - Fascinators Pan Symphony
Panorama Championships


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Professional panist, arranger and composer Darryl Reid has been entertaining audiences since the age of 9, first as a Calypsonian and for the last 20 years as a performer in the world of Pan music. Darryl joined the St. James Tripolians in 1994 through the influence of his father. He began arranging songs for the bandís stage side alongside manager and arranger Keith Simpson. They teamed up in 1998 to take the band to Panorama that year, making it all the way to the finals.

Darryl then became the bandís Musical Director and led the band to numerous Panorama final competitions over a 15-year period. He has also worked with bands in competitions such as Humming Birds Pan Groove, Power Stars, and Curepe Polyphonics. Currently he is working with Fascinators Pan Symphony as their musical director.

Darryl Reid is one of the top pan soloists providing quality entertainment solutions for both private and corporate events. He has traveled extensively to various parts of the world, representing Trinidad and Tobago at numerous Travel and Business Conferences and Promotional Events. Darryl released his debut album ĎA Certain Kind of Happinessí in 2010. In 2012 he formed DAR Music Services which provides various Entertainment Services to its customers. Darryl Reid is on Facebook.

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