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Khari Codrington

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Khari Codrington is a proficient musician and steel panist. Born on December 3rd 1990, Khari is the second of six children of Cary and Karen Codrington. From the tender stages of infancy, Khari has been exposed to steel pan music and the many capabilities of the instrument. Taking up the instrument as a profession at an early age, Khari won his first steel pan soloist competition in 1999. Thereafter, he has continued to improve his musical capabilities, learning other instruments to further his love and appreciation for music.

Khari is a member of his family band, the Codrington Pan Family. Together with his family he has performed extensively throughout Trinidad and Tobago and also in other countries such as Curacao, Venezuela and the U.S.A. In the band he serves as an arranger, bass player and secretary.

Currently a student at UWI (University of the West Indies), Khari has maintained a 4.0 GPA after 2 semesters in the Certificate in Music course. His list of instruments has gone on to include, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, African drums and keyboard. Khari has also composed and arranged music for the steel pan. One of his compositions, Moka Groove, has been performed by his family band and also by the Trinity College Pan Ensemble and the UWI Intermediate Pan Ensemble; the audiences being both local and international. Khari is also currently a steel pan teacher at Holistic Music School.

Some of his achievements include:

  • 1st place – Under 15 steel pan soloist competition, 1999;
  • 1st place – Laventille Boys’ Gov’t Primary School Calypso Competition, 2002;
  • 1st place – World Steelband Music Festival, quartet category, 2004, teaming up with his family;
  • 1st place – 13th Biennial National Junior Steelband Music Festival, under 16 duet category, 2005, teaming up with his sister;
  • 1st place – Trinity College Calypso competition, 2006.


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