Steelband Arranger
Roger Charles

Roger Charles

Roger Charles - Flabej Now Ensemble

Panorama Championships
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“My name is Roger Charles and I started playing pan from the age of 9.  T&TEC Motown Steel Orchestra was my first steelband, then I joined Vat19 Fonclaire.  At the same time I attended Pleasantville Senior Comprehensive school and was the captain of the school band.  Ken “Professor” Philmore was the arranger at the time.

“I always loved arranging, and since in Motown Carlyle Holder was instrumental in giving me pointers.  And “Professor” continued.  I travel as a soloist and have been to a number of different places around the world.  I have done music for bands like Simple Song Steel Orchestra, Blue Diamonds, Fonclaire, Panasonic Connection, Trinidad Valley Harps, and Flabej Now Ensemble.”


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