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Seeing Greens ($$$) - Panorama Culture and Self-Respect be Damned?

A When Steel Talks op-ed


Trinidad & Tobago - It’s hard to believe that the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago could ever look at the diametrically opposing forces of the Panorama and party on the Greens and say - “now that’s what I’m talking about.” It is hard to imagine the government officials, or CEOs of the companies that sponsor the toxic mix of the Greens and Panorama saying  “I don’t mind if my grandchild - after hard work and study for a music performance in a National Championship - plays his/her heart out, but is nothing more than background music to a disinterested gathering.” Yet this is exactly what transpired at the event.

Another year has passed and the big Pan Trinbago-organized shebang on the “Greens” during the semi finals of the Panorama was apparently completed without incident - due in part to the reportedly heavy police and military presence. What was different this year was the concerted effort by all involved - including the Trinidad & Tobago media - on something that arguably has zero positive value on the main event - Panorama - and its performers. The only believable plus that we’ve heard is that it makes money for Pan Trinbago.

The Greens

So is the party on the Greens creative genius at work, or is it the result of the lack of success and thoughtfulness to provide a respectable solution to age-old problems; that of an organization raising money?  Then again maybe they will. Is this what 50 years of Panorama has brought?

Panorama is about dedication, seriousness, art and culture, commitment, hard work, focus, excellence, respect - and music. The Greens is about partying to the max combined with a total and utter disregard for Panorama and the steel orchestras.  And for some individuals - a license to be as disruptive as you want to be.  Can someone say conflict of interest?

A question to be considered is, what is Pan Trinbago going to do when the party people who frequent the Greens figure out they can carry on their party someplace else without that annoying thing called Panorama disrupting their fun?  Several patrons on the Greens including local showbiz personalities said - on camera - they were there to “party,” have fun, etc.; others pointedly said they were not there for the Panorama.  So the ultimate question is: why does the organizer of the Panorama continue to promote a separate and unequal event which directly competes and at times impedes the very show that is supposed to be the marquis, and only event - Panorama?

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