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Gregory Lindsay
Gregory Lindsay at news conference.  Image via screengrab

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Gregory Lindsay, the chairman of Power Stars Steel Orchestra released a statement expressing his dissatisfaction and disappointment in what was not accomplished in his attempt to secure reportedly better representation for Pan Players of Trinidad and Tobago.

A Message from Gregory Lindsay of UPPM (the United Pan Peoples Movement)

I unreservedly apologize to anyone who feels aggrieved, Nigel Williams, Desiree Myers, Michael Marcano, and Keith Byer especially included, that the movement that Dane and I led, for the Real Change that we sought, seemingly capitulated to the pressure of the current Pan Trinbago executive and delegates.

I realize that my passion for the change that I seek, will not be forthcoming now or anytime soon....with UPPM, Dane Gulston, NCC Chairman De Silva, Culture Minister Dolly, or executives of Pan Trinbago, even from the PM Dr. Rowley.....for that matter.........Fair enough!

On behalf of Power Stars Steel Orchestra, the membership and executive have unanimously decided that, we collectively decided that our orchestra WILL NOT be participating at the National Panorama Competition 2017, and further to that, that our orchestra SHALL and WILL RETURN to the NCC Accountant Nigel Williams via proper protocols and in the most public forums, the cheque issued in the orchestra's name, for ASSISTANCE FOR CARNIVAL from the NCC, as he advised via telephone call to me in December 2016; in a final protest to the tomfoolery that passes for governance in Pan Affairs at Pan light of all expressed in the public domain....

Stand for something...or fall for anything....George D Goddard...........We're Out!

Thank you
Gregory Lindsay

As part of the duo - which included world-renowned panist Dane Gulston, Mr. Lindsay pressed the governing body of Pan in Trinidad and Tobago, Pan Trinbago, for significant changes to its executive board membership and procedures, under the banner of the UPPM (the United Pan Peoples Movement).

The current administration led by Mr. Keith Diaz has been mired in controversy and repeated claims of corruption, lack of transparency and mismanagement. Of late, these accusations have come from within the organizationís own central executive board. Furthermore, these allegations have resulted in the recent resignations of Byron Serrette - Vice President, Aquil Arrindell - Education Officer, and Cindy Rosemin - Assistant Secretary.