Pan Trinbago Takes It Twice on the Chin - Loses in the Court of Law and in the Court of Public Opinion

It’s a “Go” for ‘Savannah Grass’

by WST

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - This was not just a legal loss in the courts, it was also a severe “beat-down” for the new Pan Trinbago executive in the eyes of the public. They were savaged and severely criticized for their position on social media platforms across a wide cross section of steelband Panorama music fans, supporters and players. Mired in controversy, charges of corruption, incompetence and mismanagement - the embattled organization has been extremely unpopular with steelband musicians in recent years.

If the organization was looking to make a fresh start and a change of perception it failed miserably. The overwhelming consensus is that people felt that Pan Trinbago should have addressed the issue (the change in tune decided on by Exodus Steel Orchestra) at the conclusion of Panorama 2019, since there was no existing rule against this move.  Especially in actuality, there was precedence, in that it had been done before.

Judge Kevin Ramcharan ruled against Pan Trinbago and in favor of Exodus - legally allowing the change in tune of choice of the four-time Panorama champions for the 2019 Finals, to the extremely popular ‘Savannah Grass’ by Kes The Band. Exodus made the change at the conclusion of the semi-final leg of the competition. When Steel Talks spoke to Exodus’ champion arranger Pelham Goddard earlier in the week - and he had stated that he was almost halfway through the new arrangement and there would be no issues in the band being ready for the finals.

This is the second time that Exodus has had to take the beleaguered Pan organization to court - and it has won each time.

Exodus Steel Orchestra
Exodus Steel Orchestra on stage for Panorama Semi Finals 2019 - photo by Robbie Joseph

Ironically, up to this point Pan Trinbago was being looked upon quite favorably in its management of the 2019 Panorama.

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