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‘Pan Justice’

sung by Atiba
composed by Colvin Fields & Debra Consuelo Fields

(tribute to Uncle Eddie Boom (Edmond Fields))

arranged by Dwight McIntosh

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“Pan Justice”
Provided with the expressed permission of the composer(s)

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I’m appealing to all Trinbagonians
And all branches of legal government
Absolution and retribution
For all dem badjohns who secure de pan

Pan justice, forgiveness,
Pan justice. warrior spirits
Pan all over England, Japan and America,
Dey help de pan man to reach dis far
Pan justice, what boldness,
Pan justice - they fought for dis
Everybody now dey proud and glad
Because de pan come from Trinidad

All tribulation, jail time and lies,
Take a minute to apologize
We should give dem
A special day, give de country ah holiday

Pan justice - forgiveness,
Pan justice - warrior spirits
All de stick fighting, pelting bottle and stone
Dey were protecting dere very own
Pan justice - forgiveness,
Pan justice - warrior sprits
All dem badjohns fight, but dey had a plan
To protect de integrity of de pan

To de grandchildren of all dem badjohns
Remember grandpa was no criminal
We should love dem
And respect dem
For dey were the ones who protect de pan man
Pan justice, forgiveness,
Pan justice, warrior spirits
East Dry River, Wrightson Road to French Street
Tunapuna, Hell Yard, dey used to meet

Pan justice - forgiveness,
Pan justice - warrior sprits
Carnival time when you hear de pan,
Don’t forget to salute de badjohns

Pan justice - forgiveness,
Pan justice - warrior sprits

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