‘Long Live Soca’ - 2023 Tune of choice for a significant number of steel orchestras in Trinidad & Tobago 2023 National Panorama

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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  A tune written and sung by soca star Aaron “Voice” St. Louis called ‘Long Live Soca’ has emerged as the front-runner for tune of choice in Trinidad and Tobago’s 2023 National Panorama season. To date, six large steel orchestras have made their musical declaration with the track. Antillean All Stars with arranger Keisha Codrington was the first in the category to go public with its choice, followed by Harmonites Steel Orchestra.

As of now [January 4] Fonclaire, Desperadoes, and Tobago-based Buccooneers and Redemption Sound Setters steel orchestras have followed suit. The featured panist on ‘Long Live Soca’ is Joshua Regrello.

“Voice” took to social media and expressed his gratitude to Redemption Sound Setters. Champion arranger Carlton “Zanda” Alexander shared his thoughts on why he selected the song for Desperadoes as defending Panorama champions; in turn “Voice” also penned his feelings in response as follows:

“No award, no accomplishment, no accolade will ever mean more to me than moments like this. To be recognized by a living legend like Zanda, is surreal. I don’t think I’ve ever been analyzed so accurately. You said nothing wrong, icon. I am humbled beyond explanation. I am grateful beyond measure. This is why I make music. These are the moments that motivate me. I cannot wait to hear you and the band bring even more life to my work. I appreciate you, King.”

Officially, some bands have yet to publicly make known their tunes of choice, so it is possible for the number taking the song to competition this season, to increase/change.

Click for the performance of ‘Long Live Soca’

“Voice” re: Redemption Sound Setters

“Zanda” on ‘Long Live Soca’ as Desperadoes’ 2023 tune of choice

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