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Hummingbirds Pan Groove Steel Orchestra

2019 Tune of choice: I Like It Hot  |  arranger:  Murchinson Jules

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Hummingbirds Pan Groove from Fort George Road, St. James, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad started with a group of youngsters namely:  Lennox Trotman, Colvin Flemming, Randolf Hope and Errol Joseph to mention a few, and Michael Cupidore - who was approached by the youngsters to form the band. It started in 1972 under the leadership of Lennon Trotman with Michael Cupidore as the tuner, arranger and composer for the band.

During that time Hummingbirds Pan Groove had a stage side of twenty-five players, and played in functions all over Trinidad & Tobago. The band also played in the picture “The Body.” In 1981 the band decided to enter the National Panorama Competition for the first time, and with assistance of people like Nathaniel Zephrine and the late Archbishop Anthony Pantin.


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