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In 1989 the Petit Valley community witnessed the birth of Nuttin Big Pan Groove. A gentleman by the name of Jefferson heard some men playing pan in the community and enquired as to the name of the band. To his surprise, the saccharine melodies and harmonies came from a newly-formed band that was nameless. He laughed as he proclaimed that the band was “nuttin big”, unaware at that time that the members of the band would use his statement as the name for the band. From there onward, the band went on to perform in various events and competition.

2011 was a magnificent year for the band as they placed 1st and 4th in some of Pan Trinbago’s J’Ouvert competitions. Like any organization, Nuttin Big Pan Groove faced financial challenges over the years, but because of their vision, they were able to save money and put it to good use.

They purchased the land at #1 Roots Lane, Petit Valley which is now the home of the band, and erected the structure on the premises. Besides steelband rehearsals, the panyard also serves today as a homework centre where the youth in the community learn music and receive assistance with their homework in a number of subject areas.

At present, some of the main members of the band are Earl ‘Cheley’ Porter, Glenn Porter, Errol ‘Pointy’ Duprey and Lesedi Felix. Nuttin Big Pan Groove believes:

“To go forward, the youth is the future of pan so we need to get them in the yard!.” - Earl ‘Cheley’ Porter, band leader

Source: Aquil Arrindell


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