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Tamana Pioneers Steel Orchestra

2023 Tune of choice:  Sweetness | arranger:  Hanoria Marshall

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Tamana Pioneers Steel Orchestra is a registered bona-fide financial member of Pan Trinbago Inc. This steel band was commissioned on September 1982 and is managed by an executive committee of nine. The band is located on Cumuto Main Road, Four Roads, Tamana in east Trinidad.

Tamana Pioneers Steel Orchestra first participated in the school steelband music festival as Tamana RC Pioneers in 1983, being the only primary school band in the competition dominated by secondary schools, and in which they went all the way to the finals. In 1985, the band received an award for being the most promising in the country. The junior arm of the band won the Primary School Panorama in 2005 and Junior Festival in 2007.

Tamana Pioneers was the reigning Panorama champion of the Arima Panorama for two years, and a regular finalist in the annual National Panorama in the small steel orchestra category. The band toured the United Kingdom on six occasions and as recently as 2012, represented Trinidad & Tobago at the Aberdeen International Youth Festival Scotland in July 2012. Tamana Pioneers is versed in a wide repertoire of music.

Tamana Pioneers Arrangers
  • 2020 Tune of choice:  Woman On The Bass   |   arranger:  Michael Antoine

  • 2019 Tune of choice:  Iron Love | arranger:  Trevill Bessor



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