Straight Out of Louisiana - Rhythm and Blues Steel Panist Gregory Boyd - UpClose!

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New York, USA - In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, singer and steelpanist, Gregory Boyd - a product of his rich musical heritage and history - takes us through his unusual journey with the steelpan instrument to his present-day new release “Transformation” and his upcoming New York engagement. Rock, Funk, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and lots of soul - it’s all Gregory Boyd...
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Gregory Boyd is good, real good. Furthermore, he is on the cutting edge. Originally from Louisiana, USA, and now hailing from Denmark, this artist is like no other who has graced the steelpan music instrument. The soulfulness of his vocals, clarity of thought in his lyrics and unorthodox, non-traditional approach to implementing and voicing the steelpan instrument with deft chops - puts Boyd in a whole other category. With the genius and aloofness of Monk, blended with the soulfulness of an Al Green, coupled with the musical presence of a Jimi Hendrix, Boyd can jazz, funk and ring in the blues, and have you shaking your head as you come to the realization he cannot be pigeon-holed.

Gregory Boyd in session at NY’s Smash Studios
Gregory Boyd in session at NY’s Smash Studios

Like fellow panists Garvin Blake, Andy Narell, André White, Andy Akiho and Jonathan Scales, Boyd has unapologetically redefined the boundaries and expectations for the steelpan instrument and performing artist. This is simply Gregory Boyd’s music and he is real good. He can take you to the far left, far right, or straight up the middle; it's all good to him and great for us.

Interview with When Steel Talks

Knocking on Heaven's Door - Gregory Boyd


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