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She is young, gifted, extremely intelligent, self-aware, self-assured, eloquent, very humble and respectful. Blessed with an abundance of talent to match her beauty, this steel panist is out there blazing the trails and meeting the new challenges.
In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks (WST) performing artist, student and now panorama arranger, Iman Pascall shares her latest experiences, successes and wishes. ”
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She’s a beautiful soul, a beautiful person and an awesome music talent. But are we surprised at the successes, accomplishments and realizations of Iman? Absolutely not!! Anyone who has watched this young lady develop over the years knew she had the complete package.

Coming off of her recent stint as arranger for UK’s Reading All Steel Percussion Orchestra (RASPO) in the 2011 panorama, Iman is now positioned to expand the boundaries and expectations of the art form; she returns to work with RASPO in 2012. In the meantime, school is first and foremost on her mind - it was a Berklee assignment to study Weather Report’s Heavy Weather album which occupied her immediate attention.

Iman Pascall after her WST interview

In spite of her tender years she is an experienced veteran panist with a host of musical accomplishments. Whether you have seen her perform in New York, Antigua, Trinidad or the UK - among several venues, you will not soon forget her.

Among her influences and models, Iman lists steelpan music legend Len “Boogsie” Sharpe who took the time to personally teach her one-on-one, the panorama tune he was arranging when she was a little girl standing on crates to reach the Pan - when no one else would give her the time of day.

Another of Iman’s influential models is Dr. Dawn Batson of Florida Memorial University who she studied under.  Of Dr. Batson, Iman says she is “very strict, she is amazing... she the coolest person I ever met.”

Now in her fourth year at Berklee College of Music - Iman is part of a crew of very gifted and special steelpan players who are changing minds and attitudes about the steelpan instrument, the musicians themselves, and their place among other great musicians of the world.


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Iman Pascall after her WST interview
Iman Pascall after her WST interview


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