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An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Andy Neils - former ace steelpan player for the legendary Renegades Steel Orchestra and now internationally-renowned steelpan tuner.

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Andy “Max” Neils is an accomplished and outstanding steelpan tuner whose talents are sought after all over the world, and currently the resident tuner for Trinidad & Tobago’s National Steel Symphony.

In addition, Neils is a throwback to an era where a select set of tuners wore multiple hats. He is a steelpan musician, builder & tuner and even one-time arranger, or ‘triple threat’ as Neils happily describes himself.

Pan tuner & builder Andy “Max” Neils
Pan tuner & builder Andy “Max” Neils

Fresh off his trip to Japan—where he says there is a real passion for the steelpan instrument—Andy sits down with When Steel Talks and shares his personal views overall on a number of steelpan-related topics.


More on Andy Neils in the 2006 article: 
The Art of [Pan] Tuning is Alive with Andy Neils - In the Spotlight

World-renowned tuners:  Bertram “Birch” Kelman and Andy “Max” Neils
In ‘tune’: world-renowned Pan tuners Bertram “Birch” Kelman and Andy “Max” Neils


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