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“...When it comes to steelpan and the artform, how I look at it is that - yes, music is a large part of it - because that is the basis of what you do - but steelpan itself is a culture, it tends to be a lifestyle. A lot of people have put in a lot of time, and a lot of their lives, into what they do... ...when they could be doing anything else....” Marc Brooks

An exclusive When Steel Talks interview with Marc Brooks, in his own words.

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Global - Meet Marc Brooks:  Brooklyn native, panist, arranger, educator and performing artist... Creative, inquisitive, thoughtful, gifted and growing - Marc is a natural. He is a ‘sponge’ whose musical horizon is expanding by the moment.

Marc Brooks - musician, performer, educator, arranger and panist
Marc Brooks

For Marc, he is also aware of key people who have made a difference in his evolutionary journey - such as Khuent Rose, pivotal in Marc’s path as an arranger and more.  Says Marc “A person who played a large part in me arranging for Harmony Steel Orchestra for New York Panorama, and also in my realizing the importance of music theory—as well as scoring/documenting my music for both NY Pan Stars and Harmony—is Khuent Rose.  He has unique but effective methods of teaching and encouraging others that may often be misunderstood by those who do not know him.”

Watch an exclusive interview with Marc  Brooks - UpClose!

Watch an exclusive interview with Marc Brooks

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