Meet Tristan Brewington-Japsi - Panist, Arranger & Percussionist - UpClose!

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, panist extraordinaire Tristan Brewington-Japsi speaks on his love of the steelpan instrument and how it has impacted his musical life and future.

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Tristan: he is a valued member of Steel Sensation, ADLIB Steel Orchestra, and Supernovas Steel Orchestra of Trinidad and Tobago. He is quiet and unassuming but don’t let that fool you. He is loaded with talent, natural ability and intellect.

He is a natural. As the son of Ian Japsi, well-known New York-based drummer and band leader of Steel Sensation - Tristan has always been around the steelpan instrument. Most recently with the inspiration of his second cousin, Amrit Samaroo, Tristan has successfully turned his focus on arranging. Already an accomplished and respected player versed in several of the instruments in the steel orchestra family, he has his sights set on a future in music education. Among his many accomplishments, Tristan is the first person to play a steelpan instrument within the confines of a New York school marching band.

Tristan Brewington-Japsi
Tristan Brewington-Japsi

His face lights up as he talks about the benefits of Pan in schools - how greatly it would impact on the young people. He is a thinking musician, a problem-solver, as he speaks to the perfect marriage that could happen if Brooklyn steel orchestras worked out an agreement with the Board of Education to rent their instruments in New York Pan’s off-season, and run pan music camps in the Summer - combining both the Panorama season and Summer camp requirements and needs.

This exceptional young man is destined for greatness.

Listen to Tristan Brewington-Japsi in his own words, UpClose!

Supernovas at National Panorama 2016

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