Meet Brooklyn Steel Orchestra - Panists, Educators, Promoters, Administrators & Much, Much, More - UpClose!

In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, members of Brooklyn Steel Orchestra management speak about the goals of the organization and their highly successful “Pan Is Sweet” concert

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They are extremely intelligent, unpretentious, focused, driven, abundantly talented, and are high-character individuals. Coming off the high of the extremely successful  Pan is Sweet they made it known that this is only the beginning. They have a lot more in store for the global Pan world. Watch out for this young group of doers that has grasped the dragon by the horns. Travis Roberts, Kernel (Kern) Simon, Marc Brooks, Orisha John, Wayne Bernard, Jahlani Roberts, Kendall Williams and Shelly George comprise the core group of BSO (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra) decision-makers.

Valuable lessons were learned for the future - according to the group - from the late Spring event, which they will use in their next adventure going forward. Already, they are armed with some substantial and significant projects which have proven to be very noteworthy in the chronicles of steelband music history. In 2013, BSO participated in the  "America's Got Talent"  auditions. They then followed that up with an impressive placing of fourth place in the 2015 International Conference and Panorama in Trinidad.

BSO’s (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra) core team/management
BSO’s (Brooklyn Steel Orchestra) core team/management

As demonstrated by their tribute to past New York Pan greats with their Hu’Pan-itarian Awards at ‘Pan Is Sweet,’ the BSO crew know where they come from.  

In this interview the group made it clear that they - BSO - are committed by both their deeds and  mission statement, to investing in success with sustainable, groundbreaking, innovative, and unprecedented opportunities for the Pan instrument and community.

Indeed this BSO group faces an inordinate amount of challenges in a continually changing, challenging and hostile environment for the art form and steelband music community. But like other great past New York pan folks whose shoulders they readily admit they stand on, they are equal to the task, and prepared with a plan to deliver high quality productions and outstanding results.

Listen to BSO in their own words, UpClose!



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