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 Pan Trinbago Says "No Respect"
From Pan in Schools Coordinating Council

It is not my intention really, to indulge in banter with anyone through the press for any reason what so ever.


My duty as an executive officer of Pan Trinbago is to defend the integrity of the organization and to protect it to the best of my ability from exploitation and abuse internally and externally. Therefore, I find it very strange and unfortunate, when my friend and mentor Mr. Victor Prescod
(to whom I have always shown respect) chose to take my response to the fact that Pan Trinbago is being treated with disrespect by the Ministry of Education Pan in School Coordinating Council as a personal attack on him.


The issues stem even before your time Sir, and you were present when  Pan Trinbago had registered its disapproval of, and took umbrage at the way members of our organization were castigated and maliciously accused of wrong doing by officers of the said unit prior to the staging of the 2007 Junior Panorama, where a compromise was reached for the smooth staging of that show, pending a meeting soon after Carnival to ratify positions.


The disrespect and contemptuous treatment continues, where the Pan in Schools Coordinating Council choose not to send official correspondence to the secretary of our organization stating their intention to stage a National Junior Festival 2007, but chose instead to engage a member of the youth arm of  Pan Trinbago (through means unbeknownst to the executive), and then move to advertise Pan Trinbago as collaborators.


I take this opportunity to inform my friend and mentor, that Pan Trinbago is the originator of all these programs, and the funding provided by the Government was originally negotiated by Pan Trinbago to execute said programs. If for some reason this facility is no longer available to us, we should be so informed officially.


However, given the tone of Mr. Prescodís response, and in light of his misinterpretation of the intent of my letter, a completely new spin has come into the equation where, outside of Pan Trinbago, members of the Steel band to which I am affiliated, have read both pieces of correspondence and in addition, are now expressing concerns and fear of victimization in the future given the brotherís influential status? My only consolation to them thus far is, that I believe Mr. Prescod to be a man of integrity, who will not let false pride and ego cloud his judgment in the execution of his official duties.


Be that as it may, Pan Trinbago still looks forward, and implores those charged with the responsibility to meet and treat with us, to show us respect, and give us the opportunity to carry out the  functions bestowed on us under Act 5 of 1986.


Michael LeRoi Joseph
Public Relations Officer
Pan Trinbago
World Governing Body for Pan.

From the News Desk of Pan Trinbago

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