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Preliminary Results of Small Conventional Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2016

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  Tornadoes Steel Orchestra is one of four bands representing the South/Central region in the small steel orchestra category which made it through to the semi-finals being staged January 24th in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.  Playing arranger's Shervon Edwards' arrangement of "Mash It Up," not only did the band make the cut, but it also trumped nineteen others at this stage.  But hot on the heels of Tornadoes' heels is the defending champion Arima Golden Symphony musically led by champion arranger Terrance "BJ" Marcelle.

Out of the fifty-one small bands which eventually competed in the four respective regions, less than half - twenty in all - will play on with hopes of final night glory.  The "gates" closed behind band number twenty, Tobago region's Crown Cordaans, shutting out the other thirty-one hopefuls.

The draw for playing positions is up Wednesday 20th January.  The twenty bands appear on a combined semi-final competition card showcasing steel orchestras in the small, medium and large categories, beginning 9:00 a.m. at the Queen's Park Savannah venue.


Following are the full results for the preliminary competition for small conventional steel orchestras.

Region  Color Key East Zone Region North Zone Region South Central
Zone Region
Tobago Region    


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Small Conventional Steel Orchestras

  # Score TUNE   BAND SONG Orchestra Symbols and Logos ARRANGER
1 265   Tornadoes “Mash It Up” Logo for Tornadoes Steel Orchestra Shervon “Shev” Edward
Shervon “Shev” Edwards
262   Arima Golden Symphony “D Greatest Invention” Arima golden Symphony Steel Orchestra Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
Terrance “BJ” Marcelle
 261   Five Rivers Modern Symphony “Pan In Danger” Five Rivers Modern Symphony Erwin Lewis
 261 Old Tech Steel Orchestra “Guitar Pan” Old Tech Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks  Sean Ramsey
260     La Horquetta Pan Groove “Raising Dust” LH Pan Groove band logo - When Steel Talks 
Kion Robinson
260 Laventille Serenaders “Pan Jumbie” Laventille Serenaders - When Steel Talks Arddin Herbert
Arddin Herbert
7 259 Crescendoes Musicale “Free Up” Crescendoes Musicale - When Steel Talks  Curtis Edwards
Curtis Edwards
7 259   Fusion Steel  “Doh Back Back”  Fusion Steel band logo - WST 
Dike Samai
9 258 Nutones “Dus' in De Face” Nu-Tones Steel Orchestra Marlon White
10 257 New East Side Dimension “Both Ah Dem” New East Side Dimension - When Steel Talks Mikhail Salcedo
Mikhail Salcedo
10 257 Our Boys “Gimme More” Our Boys Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Anselm “Moon” Campbell
Anselm “Moon” Campbell
10 257 Uptown Fascinators “This Party Is It” Uptown Fascinators Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks
Micheal Toby

thumbnail of Leeandro Noray
Leeandro Noray
13 255 Fascinators Pan Symphony “Like Ah Boss” Fascinators Pan Symphony Yohan Popwell
Yohan Popwell
13 255   Tamana Pioneers “Mystery Band” Tamana Pioneers Steel Orchestra -  When Steel Talks Richard Gittens
15 254 Pandemonium “My House” Pandemonium Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks Akua Leith
Akua Leith

253   Golden Hands “Young and Free” Golden Hands Steel Orchestra logo Vanessa Headley
Vanessa Headley

16 253 Moods “Mash It Up” Moods Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Ken “Professor” Philmore
Ken “Professor” Philmore
16 253   Steel Sensations “The Magicians” Steel Sensations  Joshua Jerry

253 Tobago Pan-Thers “Signal to Lara” Pan-Thers Steel Orchestra logo - When Steel Talks thumbnail of Robert Tobitt
Robert Tobitt
20 252 Crown Cordaans “She Coming” Crown Cordaans Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Khari Codrington - Steelpan Arranger
Khari Codrington
251 Longdenville Claytones “Band From Space” Longdenville Claytones  Keith Salcedo
22 250 Panosonic Connection “Soca Have Dem So” Panosonic Connection Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks Atiba Sherwood
 23  249   Casablanca “Big Mama” Casablanca Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Michael Gabriel
Michael Gabriel
23 249 Potential Symphony “Nostalgia” Potential Symphony Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Carlon Harewood

Seion Gomez
Seion Gomez

 23  249   Roadblock  “Madness”  Roadblock Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks Lyndon Spencer
Lyndon Spencer 
26 248 Trinidad Pan Jewels “Lying Excuses” TRINIDAD PAN JEWELS Gary Raymond  
27  247    Harvard Harps “Shakin' It” Harvard Harps Steel Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Douglas “Dougie” Redon
Douglas “Dougie” Redon
 27  247   West Stars “Pan In Yuh Rookungutungkung” West Stars Steel Orchestra Lincoln “Fats” Waldron
29 245   Dem Boys “Pan Night and Day” Dem Doys Steel Orchestra Recardo Dennis
29 245 Tunapuna Tipica “Dem Judges” Tipica  Harold Headley & Denzil Headley
31 243 Antillean All Stars “Carnival Tabanca” Antillean All Stars - When Steel Talks Glen "Zola" Williams
31 243 Tunapuna All Stars “Play De Music” Tunapuna All Stars Kimberli St. Clair
Kimberli St. Clair
33 242 Kalomo Kings “The Jammer” Kalomo Kings  Jason Farrell
33 242 Mt. Moriah Pan Movement “No Apology” Mt. Moriah Pan Movement  Nichaeus Richards
242   Merry Tones “Nostalgia” Merrytones Steel Orchcestra logo - When Steel Talks Eric McAllister
A. Eric Mc Allister 
36   238   Highlanders “Ding Ding” Highlanders Steel Orchestra Kareem Brown
Kareem Brown
36 238 Hummingbirds Pan Groove “Red Light District” Humming Birds Pan Groove - When Steel Talks Murchinson Jules
38 236 Todd’s Road Rhythem Raiders “My House” Todd’s Road Rhythem Raiders Hudson Henry
39 235 Bon Air Rhythm Rockers “Woman is Boss” Bon Air Rhythm Rockers Shaun Marcano
39 235 Musical Gems “Symphony On The Street” Musical Gems Renwick Lewis
234 Simple Song “Bum Bum” Simple Song Steel Orchestra   Earl Brooks
42 227 Central Symphony “Hooked” Central Symphony  Tony Williams
43 224 Blue Diamonds “Soca Pan Tuner” Blue Diamonds Steel Orchestra - When Steel Talks thumbnail of Kwesi Paul
Kwesi Paul
43 224   Starland Steel Orchestra “Woman On the Bass” Starland Steel Orchestra  Godwin Bowen
45 223 Flamingoes “Bassline” Flamingoes Steel Orchestra Salah Wilson
Salah Wilson
45 223 Jay Notes “In De Minor” jay notes  Akia Brown
47 214 Tremolandos Steel  Orchestra “Portrait of Trinidad” Tremolandos Steel  Orchestra band logo - When Steel Talks Michael M. Antoine 
 48  204   T&T Music Stars “Ah Feeling” T&T Music Stars  Mugabe Pierre
 49  196   B Minor “Mind Yuh Business” B Minor Steel Orchestra Bertram Pablo Brewster
   50  187   Cocorite West Wind “Tourist Leggo” Cocorite West Wind  Edward Wade
51 166 Music Makers Steel Symphony “Progress” Music Makers Steel Symphony Rodney Wilkes
The Business of #steelpan music 24-7 - No Apology - No Compromise - 15,000 plus steelpan music lovers --
Join us at the WST Network  - music - history - discussion

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