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Steel Pan in Dominica

Date: 05.07.06

Memorable Steelband Images
in Dominica

Roseau, Dominica - There were opportunities for the When Steel Talks crew to interact with, and capture participants in the April 30 OECS Junior Steelpan competition before the actual event.  It began at Melville Hall airport as several turbo-prop flights touched down. 

The planes came bearing Dominican nationals, visitors, and returning and first-time Ross University students accompanied by parents, relatives and friends.  There was a significant element added to this lot - pan musicians, arrangers, managers and other related personnel, all scheduled to perform at the steelpan event.

When Steel Talks as part of the incoming media, was met at the airport by those working closely with the event organizers, including Emile Raffoul.  He was doing yeoman's service, charged with overseeing instrument logistics.  There was a lull in incoming aircraft, then a flurry of activity saw a number arriving one behind the other.  While waiting to leave the airport for lodgings in Roseau, the WST crew captured shots of some of the arriving musicians clad in attire identifying the respective junior orchestras.

On Saturday, the scene was similar, with yet more musicians and their instruments making their appearance.  This time, When Steel Talks happened to be at the Garraway Hotel as youngsters, band managers and arrangers were settled in. 


Event organizers ensured that When Steel Talks was able to move around.  The crew was even able to catch two of the orchestras as they practiced for the next day's event - guest artists Tamana Primary Steelpan Workshop from Trinidad and Tobago, and competitors Brizee's Cultural Drama Club from Dominica.

WST  was pleased to have multiple opportunities to commemorate several aspects related to, and of, the Dominican steelpan junior competition organized by Anna Raffoul, president of the Dominica National Pan Association.  There are many pictorial moments captured by WST, and we thank the bands, managers, and young musicians for their cooperation and enthusiasm throughout their stay in Dominica.

Contact Ms. Raffoul, president of the Dominica Steelpan Association at

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