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Moods of Pan 5-Alive

Antigua's Performance Gem is Shining Bright

Five Alive - Moods of Pan 2006

St. John's, Antigua - The Americans have "Dancing with the Stars", the UK has its "Top of the Pops", Australia has its "Wiggles", and in the Caribbean, Antigua & Barbuda has its "Five Alive" contest. It's wild, it's zany, it's live, highly entertaining, spontaneous, fun and totally Antiguan.

The Five Alive is an Antiguan original, distinctly Caribbean in nature and origin, with global appeal reminiscent of reggae, calypso and mangos.  The show was conceived, refined, mastered and produced by Gemonites Steel Orchestra.  It has been a standard part of the country's annual Moods of Pan Festival for the past seven years.  The event has maintained its large crowds every year as fans eagerly return to experience and see what mischief will be created this time.

Five Alive is a result of Gemonites' search and need to display the creative genius and artistic powers of the Antiguan & Barbudan young people.  The show not only highlights musicianship and live performance skills, but also calls for the creative disposition that is equal to, if not more challenging than, a "Broadway Show."  In fact, it is Broadway, the Apollo, Carnegie Hall and Def Comedy Jam all wrapped into one.

Gemonites struck gold when the show immediately hit a harmonic chord within their country.  Since it's inception, Five Alive has expanded far beyond the shores of the nation of Antigua and Barbuda, and the Caribbean, for that matter.  The popular show has boasted participants from as far away as New York and the United Kingdom.  The show's promoters are always considering ways to expand it's base, as they have openly explored ways to bring groups from nations as far as Germany and Japan to name a few.

A true testament to the show's marketability and star power, is that there are now versions of the event being produced in other countries like Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.  However there is nothing like the Five Alive showcased by its originators.  Trinidad, in addition to giving the world the steelpan instrument introduced the superb "Panorama" music competition now transported all over the world in various formats.  With the "Five Alive" contest, Antigua & Barbuda has again added its name to an already long list of notable contributors to the history of the steelpan instrument.  Five Alive is a gem that is no doubt shinning bright.

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