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Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2007

Update - Patrick Arnold
on Trinidad & Tobago Panorama 2007


Patrick Arnold

Global - With various rumors still flying around, it fell to When Steel Talks (WST) to get an accurate update on the Panorama 2007 situation which keeps evolving.  Late last evening, president of Pan Trinbago, Patrick Arnold, cleared the air on the governing body's stand on the matter.

Coming out of a general meeting with the panmen last evening on December 14, Arnold said that members of the steelband body needed to know if the western end of the Queen's Park Savannah would indeed be available for the 2007 National Panorama semi-finals competition.  With such a large number of steel orchestras scheduled to compete as always, Arnold made it clear in a previous interview that there was no other place in Port-of-Spain capable of hosting the semi-finals.


Live Exclusive Interview with the president of Pan Trinbago

Arnold went on to say that a resolution had been passed in the general meeting - determining that if the western end of the savannah was not available for the event, then the competition would not be able to take place.  And without a semi-final leg, there would be no 'finalists' - hence no National Trinidad and Tobago Panorama finals - for 2007.  For the preliminary phase of the national steelband panorama, steel orchestras have been adjudicated in their respective panyards for the past few years.

Pan Trinbago is looking forward to the government's response by Monday.  WST intends to keep on top of this story.


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