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Pan Music in the Park Hits Special Chord
with New Yorkers

New York - Literally just one week after one of the most fierce musical competitions in North America, the steelpan music community and its fans came together for the more serene annual Las Lap 'Rhythm and Steel in Prospect Park.'  In three years the program has established itself as the place to be, and hear great pan music, in addition to winding down from the intense rigors of the all-encompassing New York steelband panorama season.


The event's popularity has now made it an automatic entry in the calendar of New Yorkers looking to take in one last major round of steelpan music performances before Summer's end.  It was a virtual "who's who" of New York's steelband community in the crowd, as the past weeks of intense competitive atmosphere was replaced by a deep sense of kinship.  In addition to the presence of the normal contingent of steelpan enthusiasts, there was a constant stream of Prospect Park visitors who stopped and took in portions of the free show on this late Summer afternoon.  They were obviously pleased, given their enthusiastic cheers and applause.  Many of the Brooklyn park-goers who were of all races and backgrounds, some still on their bikes, paused to take in part of the show.  Others pulled up their chairs and blankets to secure the most advantageous viewing position.

The organizers, Women In Steel, Pantonic, Unique Pan Sounds and J'Ouvert City Alliance gave awards and scholarships to deserving New York city steelpan participants.  Support of community, education and youth was the constant theme throughout the affair.  Sponsors of the event such as Local 1199 and Bruce Ratner and the Forest City Ratner Companies (FCRC) (pictured), displayed their banners prominently as they proudly showcased their support of the steelpan art form and music culture.  Sponsors could be seen interacting with fans and performing steelband members.

This year's performers included Women in Steel, Pantonic, Higher Levin and Utopia Pan Soul: the Next Generation.   The steelband artists put on a great show - taking the onlookers on a musical journey that included current pop hits and revered musical standards.  The versatility and immense talent of these steelpan music artists were on public display as they moved through the different genres and musical styles.   Each group received wholehearted rounds of applause as they ran their collective repertoire for the diverse New York audience.

Las Lap 'Rhythm and Steel in Prospect Park' is a great family event that continues to grow in stature and popularity.  It is an awesome tourist attraction.  In fact the Brooklyn Trolley tour buses running through Prospect Park each made impromptu stops (pictured) at 'The Peristyle' where the event was held, so their delighted riders could take in the steelpan music show.  This made the steelband performances a major happening for the tourists on the bus.

Las Lap 'Rhythm and Steel in Prospect Park' takes place every year on the first Sunday after Labor Day.  Look for more steel orchestras from all over the US to join the performing line up.  It is a great opportunity for steelbands to showcase their music organization.  To inquire about an invitation for next year's event and additional information, contact event organizers. 

More info: Claudette - 1 (718) 629-2471 -, Yvette - 1 (718) 636-8029 yrennie@CSSNY.ORG, Lynette 1 - (718) 469-3250, Glenda - 1 (718) 434-0231

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