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Date:  8.02.05


A New Steelpan Tuner In New York


Supplier/Manufacturer/Tuner - Oliver Hospedales
at Harmony Pan Yard

Despite his youthful looks Oliver Hospedales is a respected veteran tuner who has been practicing his craft for over sixteen years.  As the driving force behind Caribbean Instrument Specialist located in Trinidad, Hospedales has earned the reputation as the fastest quality manufacturer of the full family of steelpan instruments. Moreover, the innovative Hospedales is the major supplier of prepared instruments to most of  the top tuners in Trinidad.

Ace steelpan tuners Roland Harrigin, Bertrand 'Birch' Kelman, Lincoln Enterprises and Gills Steelpan Shop are among his biggest clients and supporters.  Hospedales has passed the requirements of these masters - the best tuners in the world, such as Kelman and Harrigin.   The critical component here is his "ear" or ability to elicit unique tonal quality in his instruments.  He creates instruments which meet the approval of some of the most discerning pan musicians in the world - the Trinidad and Tobago pan community.  His authenticity has been established in all fields of production and work relating to the steelpan instrument.

New Yorkers now have access to the skills of this talented individual, as Hospedales has become the resident tuner of New York's Harmony Steel Orchestra.  Harmony is a volunteer music organization with minimal funding opportunities, but whose focus is on the musical education of the youth of the area.  Hospedales liked the idea of supporting this initiative, and made  the decision to lend his talents to their noteworthy endeavors.  This prolific individual is already looking forward to the challenge of becoming a mainstay for, and key provider and tuner of steelpan instruments in the Big Apple.  The proliferation of the Steelpan in New York makes the area fertile ground for a competent tuner such as Hospedales.

Tuner Oliver Hospedales and manager Dave "Booker" Martin with a new triple second, grooved and sunken, part of the manufacturing process.

In addition to his tuning talents the newcomer to the New York pan scene is an inventor and designer of work tools.  He is also well known among the tuning circles for development of  a grooving tool that allows his instruments to have machine-like finishes.  The tool is currently being patented.

Oliver Hospedales provides all tuning services which include those for newly-manufactured products, reconditioning of existing instruments, full maintenance,  and the blending of complete steel orchestras.  He can be contacted at 1 (347) 393-0859 and 1 (718) 484-2350 in New York, and 1 (868) 772-8458 in Trinidad.






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