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ogun lives on

for Clive Bradley [1936-2005]

 Veteran Steelband Arranger


  was up spring flow road

we met and it was raining

sxango was peeling. So


we sheltered under a mango tree

discussing heritage issues

both adamant of the need

to protect the arts for prosperity


he agreed with a sparkle in his eyes

reminding me of struggle for pan

plus where it was today

i countered i was a writer

and he smiled at me suggesting


that one day too i would stand sheltering

from yemanja here

to yet tell a youth

just as he was doing same


i queried whether he understood

power of Orishas

protecting our PAN

he accepted ...


so today i shout:

Ogun lives on...

as i pour libations for this the general...


whose music

and company i am proud

to announce i had

pleasure to enjoy

            ashe …..

Published with permission from Dr. Roi Ankhkara Kwabena  - 2005  - All Rights Reserved

Dr. Roi Ankhkara Kwabena was born in the Caribbean island of Trinidad. He is a cultural anthropologist who has worked with all age ranges in Europe, Africa, Latin-America and the Caribbean for over thirty years. Commissioned poetry by Roi Kwabena, the sixth Poet Laureate (2001-2002) of Birmingham UK, & appointed Writer in Residence-Trinidad Public Library (1990).  "Clive was indeed a great personal friend and I am honored to have be acquainted with this extraordinary artist."

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