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Move Over Beethoven Bradley’s Here!

by - TJ- When Steel Talks - Special



I can see them now Mozart, Beethoven and gang running around shoo shooing

Mozart:- you hear the news, Bradley coming
Beethoven:  “- you making joke”
Mozart:- nah man - he here
Beethoven:  “Oh Sh-t”
Mozart:You know the rules you can’t use those type of words here!
Beethoven:  “Oh God - Damn, we go jam tonight”
The Great One: “You called Beethoven?”
Beethoven  “Sorry, sorry boss, I just got overly excited at the prospect of finally getting to meet the Master, Mr. Brads in person - I have plenty of music questions to ask him.”
The Great One: “Indeed, Clive is one of our greatest creations, his masterpieces have rocked the heavens and earth many times from the hills of Laventille and streets of Brooklyn, New York.  Many many times he has caused us to miss our schedule, pause from our work and marvel at the beauty of his creations. 

That lovable scoundrel’s music is so sweet, on many occasions Bradley has caused us to go missing in action while we dancing, laughing, crying and singing to his music for a full 24hr.  Desperadoes with Rebecca,  Metro with Dingolay and Pantonic with Stranger all have caused much trouble up here.  Luckily we are all powerful so we could fix things.”

And soon after Brads arrives at the great hall.  He looks around  with his classic boyish mischievous grin, he surveys the area and ask “so what’s going on here?”

Over on the verandah Duke Ellington, Bob Marley, Scotts Joplin, Beethoven, Mozart, Monk, Tupac and Barry White and others are chilling around the great table.

Duke:-Brado - over here! - Beethoven, move over and pull up a chair - for Bradley here!

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