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 Recollections of Clive Bradley

by - Robin Margetson - Gemonites


One of my first re-collections of Clive Bradley is in his arrangement of "Pan in Harmony", Hasely Crawford, and "Penny" for Witco Desperadoes, I think in the 1970's. Clive's style was smooth, calm, innovative and extremely musical. I can also remember him taking "Horn" for Shadow and making it a panorama-worthy arrangement.

Clive had a knack for impressing the judges and stirring up the crowd at the same time. His music stands as a pillar of knowledge for aspiring arrangers to dissect and analyse.

Gemonites Steel Orchestra (Antigua) has always favored and respected Clive, Boogsie and Jit as arrangers but my personal favorite is Clive. Quite effortlessly, Clive has managed to achieve, through his music, a level of consistency and satisfaction. He has also made arranging seem so easy.

The world feels the void that his passing has created but let us dwell, not on what we have no control over, but on all the wonderful music and experiences he shared with us all.

 -Robin Margetson - arranger for Antigua's Gemonites Steel Orchestra - 2005 Panorama Champions

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