A Moment in Pan

The National Youth Steel Orchestra - Sir Duke

25-A-Side Steelband Competition - Mood of Pan 2008

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - The National Youth Steel Orchestra, had the audience in wonder, looking at them wide-eyed, while exclaiming at points of emphasis in their performance. The crowd’s reaction was partially, of course, because the group turned in a first rate performance. As the youths left the stage, a Panache musician could be heard commending the work of the orchestra. But the other side of the audience reaction was that many had underestimated the drive and skill of the competition’s youngest participants, and had been somewhat unprepared for the deliverable based on the combined work of young eighteen-year old arranger Khan Cordice and the band’s execution of his arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s Sir Duke.

LIVE at  Moods of Pan - Antigua -The National Youth Pan Orchestra - Sir Duke - 2008

Included in the orchestra are future panorama winners - Khan Cordice and Zahra Lake.  Khan will go on to winning eight National Panorama Championships in the next few years and Zahra will go to becoming first woman to win the Antigua National Panorama

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The National Youth Pan Orchestra taking the stage at the Gemonites' 2008 Moods of Pan Festival

Teenage Zahra Lake on stage at the Gemonites' 2008 Moods of Pan Festival


 Khan Cordice and Zahra Lake as teenagers at Moods of Pan 2008

Khan Cordice with champion trophy

The National Youth Steel Orchestra