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Clive Bradley - In Concert


More than a musical moment -
an experience for life...

Music that cannot ignored or denied...


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New York is famous for its universities, theatres and museums among its many other star attractions.  New York is also known for its great steelbands.  A stone's throw away from the Empire State Building, The Yankees, Madison Square Garden, Broadway and Lincoln Center, the greatest collection of steelbands outside of the birth place of the art form (Trinidad and Tobago) exists and thrives.

New York is a town of many colors, moods and tempos.  And New York Pan is as special as it's home.  It has an attitude and flavor like no other place in the world.  Faced with a different pace and environment, the New York arrangers are challenged to embrace, and seamlessly interweave elements of popular urban street music, while all the time retaining the authentic Caribbean genre and motifs.

Master arranger/composer Clive Bradley knew and understood the urban sensibilities of this city better than anyone.  In his last New York performance he took both first and second place positions in the hotly contested music competition known as Panorama.  His flare for drama, theatre and stage coupled with his unique brand of humor, mischief-making and fun, topped off by his sheer genius, made every Clive Bradley encounter much more than just a musical moment.  When Steel Talks has put some of these moments together for your viewing.

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