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You’re listening to a  sample audio of  St. Lucia’s North Stars Steel Orchestra  performing “Tribute To Scrub”  (July 2003).  The complete performance is 9 minutes long.  Arranger  -  Ivan “Sypha” Smith- 2003.



North Stars Steel Orchestra performing at the 2006 St. Lucia Panorama

North Stars

Pan in St. Lucia

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The history of Steel pan in St. Lucia dates much farther back than St. Lucia’s independence, even farther than many today can recall vividly enough to attribute its introduction to any one individual. However various names are almost always spoken with respect to this. Lennard “Scrub” Wellington, Augustus “Pan” Andrew are two very instrumental names in the history pan music in St. Lucia soon to be followed by Roderick Walcott, Antonius “Sycra” Gibson, the Emmanuel brothers, Ivan Smith and more recently with individuals such as Allison Marquis. The influence and substantive importance of this art form to St. Lucia is vastly understated by the silence of blank sheets of history or small scribbles here and there in photo albums arid notebooks of the valiant patriots of the Steel pan. (St. Lucia Carnival Association)  [click for full story]

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