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World Steelband Music Festival 2005
In Full Review

The Big Apple continues to buzz and reverberate from the brilliant and towering steelband music performances this past Sunday at New York's Madison Square Garden.  When Steel Talks continues its complete review of the event with pictures, videos and articles from various perspectives of the organizers, steelpan artists, fans and steelpan music giants.  Indeed many of the steelpan luminaries, legends and historians were present.

When Steel Talks  has received feedback and inquires from all sectors about the event.  The biggest inquiry continues to be the availability of recordings of the event for license agreements and broadcasting rights.  Professional, international and national media outlets are asking about the availability of the product and rightfully so.  This was a world class event, on a world stage, and the steelpan performers met all challenges with the utmost professionalism, as they continued their legacy of show-stopping - and yes, also heart stopping - performances, that show their ability to walk with the gods at times.  From the musical excellence of the 1960's North Stars, to today's Exodus, the performers continue to raise the bar as to what a world class steel orchestra should bring to the table.

The creative process calls for the artist to compose, perform and record the performance for generations to enjoy.  In addition, the business of music calls for high-profiled events such as the WSMF, to be documented and recorded so the performance of the artist(s) can be exploited by emerging technologies for the future financial benefits of pan people.  Maximum success and the greatest outcome is achieved when preparation meets business opportunities.  Jazz legend and drummer extraordinaire Max Roach said a long time ago that  "the Steelpan belongs on a world stage".   The pan people at the WSMF 2005 came prepared and delivered world-class performances for any and all opportunities.  Their efforts should not be wasted.

On a different note - special kudos to New Dimension Steel Orchestra, the WSMF finalist from Grenada.  They understand the marketability of possessing a recording of a performance related to this event, and had the foresight to contract the services of a professional recording company, more than a month in advance, to have their yard performances captured for future release.  In New Dimension's case, capturing was done by Basement Recordings, Inc.  CASYM, the WSMF New York finalist  is to be commended as well, as they also have similar arrangements with Basement Recordings.  As they say in the music business, if it wasn't recorded, did it really happen?

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