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New York - A who’s who list of public and cultural iconic figures joined the chorus of  well– wishers assembled at the downtown Brooklyn City Hall to acknowledge, celebrate and remember the twenty–five years of accomplishments and commitment to community service of Sesame Flyers International (SFI).  Sesame Flyers International is the parent organization of Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra, who were present to perform and open the event.

Sesame Flyers International is one of those special organizations that speak through its success.  Sesame Flyers Steel OrchestraFor the greater part of twenty–five years SFl has played an increasingly vital role in the development of the New York City youth through its educational, cultural and community services and programs.  In addition, Sesame Flyers has provided critical services for the New York tri-state community through its adult workshops and classes.

From what began as a means of reclaiming and acclimatizing their children to their Caribbean roots, traditions and values, Sesame Flyers has developed into a treasured institution that has achieved prominence by successfully “investing in Brooklyn's Youth while promoting Caribbean culture.”  The organization, through its 25–year journey has garnered and earned the respect of esteemed members of the political, cultural and educational circle.  It is in this respect the New York tri-state area has benefited greatly from Sesame Flyers International.

In recognition of it’s silver anniversary Sesame Flyers International held a “Grand Community & Press Reception” at Brooklyn Borough Hall, the headquarters of the Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz.  The function marked the launching of the organization’s 25th anniversary celebration.  Sesame Flyers intends to continue the commemoration throughout the year with a packed calendar of events which includes a calypso extravaganza, workshops and a steelband concert.  The year–long celebration will conclude in December with a grand community awards and black tie banquet.


Sesame Flyers Family

Sesame Flyers, well–known for its steel orchestra and award–winning (Band of the Year for nine consecutive years) masquerade presentations in the annual West Indian American Labor Day Carnival parade, expressed extreme gratification at the success of its social programs which encompass family support and counseling, athletics, youth summer employment, computer literacy and  immigrations workshops just to name a few.

Among the many well wishers was the former Deputy president and now assistant to the borough president who commended Sesame Flyers International “for its extraordinary work,” and who pledged continued support from the borough president, before presenting SFI with a City Proclamation.  On hand was also the consul general of  the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago who wished SFI another 125 years.

SFI Executive Director Curtis Nelson said in his address to the audience that “...he looks forward to another 25 years of doing great things for the community, young people and the culture.”  Indeed, we can expect SFI to continue to deliver the goods and more for another 25 years. 

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