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National Steelband Music Festival – Pan Is Beautiful XI
2008 Results

Exodus Takes Title

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Twenty-five points separated the winners in the recently-concluded National Steelband Music Festival – Pan Is Beautiful XI.

Exodus Steel Orchestra scored 548 points while Renegades managed 523 points for its performance.

Exodus, holder of the World Steelband Music Festival title presented “Roaming” and test piece “Document Pan” adapted by Pelham Goddard and Dr. Pat Bishop. For their performances, the band from the East scored 272 and 276 respectively. They also captured “Best Test Piece” and “Best Tune of Choice.”

Second-placed Renegades presented for its Tune of Choice, “Rienzi Overture” adapted by Desmond Waithe with Amrit Samaroo for the test piece. Along with its test piece, Sound Specialists of Laventille performed “Nabucco Overture”, which gave them the third place. Best Dressed Orchestra Title went to Sforzata.

Adjudicators in this leg of the competition were Drs. Larry Snider, Eugene Novotney, Ann Marion Osborne and Mr. Lambert Philip.

The complete list of results for Orchestra category is as follows:-

1. Exodus - Roaming - 548
2. Renegades - Rienzi Overture - 523
3. Sound Specialists of Laventille - Nabucco Overture - 519
4. Sforzata - Festive Overture - 510
5. Tropical Angel Harps - Rebirth - 489
6. Pan Knights – Sound of Music - 473
7. Siparia Deltones - Caribbean Man - 419
8. Our Boys Steel Orchestra - Poet & Peasant Overture - 333

Last week, competitions in the Minor categories – Soloists, Duets, Quartets, Ensembles and Single Pan Bands- were staged at the La Joya Complex in St. Joseph.

The National Steelband Music Festival-Pan Is Beautiful series is held every two years under the aegis of Pan Trinbago Inc.

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