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 Global Steelpan Community Expands - A Message to the When Steel Talks Family

One great global steelpan music family and experience under an internet pan groove

Global - Hi WST family:  We have some good news.  You are about to get an additional 6000 steelpan music loving brothers and sisters in an instant from all over the globe added to your family.  “Following” the activities of WST just took a major leap forward.

Over the past week When Steel Talks (WST) started to implement the lines of direct communication among our WST Facebook community, WST Twitter (300) and our WST Ning network (6600) members.  Our facebook family consists of WST Facebook Page (6000+ members) and WST Facebook Group (3200+ members).  Our WST crew will still maintain their personal facebook profiles - with over a combined 6400 + friends and associates -  for people they know.

So what does this all mean?  Everyone will be able to communicate with each other regardless of which social network you choose.  The WST family will immediately have greater access to a larger global population of music, educators, performers, officers, associations and services.  All members will be able to engage in better dialog and have greater access to prevalent steelpan music information and people not always easily accessible.

Whatever your preferred choice of access device, you can connect with your global WST family via Blackberry, iPhone or other choice of smartphone, iPad, Wi-Fi-connected eReader, netbook, laptop, desktop, texting, regular email, Xbox Live, PS3, specific TVs and more.

This will have no adverse effect on the tens of thousands of WST fans who interact with us through our WST RSS news feed and email WST newsletter.  In fact WST will provide the means for the texting and email-preferred groups to interact with rest of the WST network through our WST Ning network.

Also, look for our other family members like the WST Steelpan Music YouTube channel to be brought into the network soon.

If you are interested, you can monitor the transition on  Keep in mind that technology is what it is - so expect hiccups in access on the odd occasion.

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