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Pan Trinbago Responds to 2011 Trinidad and Tobago Steel Orchestra Panorama Conflict

At a meeting (adjourned from December 16, 2010) held at City Hall, Port of Spain on Thursday December 30, 2010, the membership of Pan Trinbago Inc., unanimously rejected the position taken by the Cabinet of this country on the matter of reducing the players’ remittance from one thousand dollars (TT $1,000.00) to eight hundred dollars (TT $800.00).

The membership rejected also the insult to their collective intelligence by the State where two million dollars (TT $2,000,000.00) was being offered as a first prize, whilst taking back almost the equivalent amount by way of reducing the Players’ Remittance -a question of taking from the players to pay Prize money.

The membership unanimously moved and approved the following motions:

• Whereas the Minister of The Arts and Multiculturalism has made several statements through various forms of the media, which demonstrated a serious lack of respect for the Association, which is a body Incorporated by Act V of 1986, and more than that, the holder of the nation’s highest order — the Trinity Cross, be it resolved that Pan Trinbago reject outright said statements and do call upon him to apologize to the entire Steelband Movement for his indiscretions.

• And whereas the Minister of The Arts and Multiculturalism has unilaterally and without justification has caused the Players’ Remittance to be reduced to eight hundred dollars (TT $800.00, be it resolved that the membership of Pan Trinbago rejects outright this reduction and calls for the immediate re-instatement of a minimum of one thousand dollars (TT $1,000.00).

• And whereas the Ministry of The Arts and Multiculturalism has stated that the first prize for Panorama 2011 for the large bands shall be two million dollars (TT $2,000,000.00) in keeping with the campaign promise of the People’s Partnership, be it resolved that the membership of Pan Trinbago reject this one-off Prize and be it further resolved that the allocations to the National Panorama 2010 be the minimum for 2011.

Keith Diaz





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