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Pan Trinbago Commissions Pan Calendar

Cover of 2012 Pan Trinbago Calendar
Cover of 2012 Pan Trinbago Calendar

Global - Pan Trinbago has commissioned popular local cartoonist Keith “Keithos” Anderson to illustrate it’s first-ever calendar.

The months of the year depict milestones along the way in the development of the steel pan. These include the famous riots outside Globe cinema, Pan Parang, Pan in the 21st century, Pan at NAPA (National Academy for the Performing Arts), Pan Night and Day, the P.H.I. (Percussive Harmonic Instrument) and Sparrow’s “the outcast” to name a few.

“Keithos” has staged exhibitions at NALIS (National Library and Information System Authority), Port of Spain, Carnegie Free Library, San Fernando and Baltimore Comic con, Baltimore, USA. He is also noted for his caricatures of Pan, mas, calypso, chutney and political icons. His most recent works are “Fifty faces and Sh-t Talk Back in Town.” He is well known for his illustrations in one of Trinidad & Tobago’s national newspaper dailies.

According to the illustrator, “all credit must go to Keith Diaz, President, Pan Trinbago. He had the ideas and based on that, I executed the artwork.”

Anderson added: “Keith [Diaz] wanted something that would raise Pan Trinbago’s profile, be educational and have people talking.”

The limited edition 2012 calendars were printed by Julian Graphics.

April 2012 from Pan Trinbago Calendar   November 2012 from Pan Trinbago Calendar

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Angela A. Fox - Media/Communications

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